Stella Engineering Racoon 95 2WD

Powerful 2-cylinder engines

The racoons are powered by professional 2-cylinder engines. A B-V-belt drives the flail shaft via a V-belt.

Sitting comfortably for a hard, long day’s work

The Racoon 95-2WD  is fitted with an ergonomic contour seat. An optional comfort seat ensures an optimal ergonomic seating position for long, hard working days. A weight-adjustable seat cushioning cushions additional hard impacts. This unique comfort for the operator complete the adjustable backrest and foldable armrests.

Solid appearance

The chassis of the racoon is particularly durable. A very stable tubular steel frame ensures the necessary strength even in everyday life. The additional rear axle support that can be lubricated allows a wider lane. This massively increases slope stability on extreme slopes to protect the operator. The all-wheel drive Racoons also have a very solid driver’s protection bar. The handles on both sides are useful for additional operator support on steep slopes.

£14,445.00 Ex. VAT

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